Simon Kulthas

Ex-Monk: Recently of the Order of the Iron Monkey



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Background Prior to the Campaign

Simon was the firstborn to loving parents. His father, Richter Kulthas, was a veteran of the harsh war with the Caliphs of Shakur, and brought home a tamed camel as part of the spoils. Simon inherited this camel, Joseph, along with his father’s armor and halberd.

When he was old enough, Simon decided to follow in his footsteps and join the Royal Army of Clom. While it was peace time, there was always a need to maintain the country’s borders and outposts. During his training, Simon’s eyes proved keen enough that he was trained in long bow and inducted into his majesty’s Royal Guard as a sniper. (The 115th “Eye-pokers”) He served the good king Homer with diligence, but was a fair hand of cards in his off time, fleecing his fellows of their small change.

Once his duty was done, Simon felt a sense of inner turmoil. Without the army or some other purpose driving him, he felt lost. He wandered the kingdom for a time, doing this and that to survive. One day, he stumbled into a monastery, begging for food and a room. The monks took him in, allowing him to stay with them, and in time, introducing him to their order, the Order of the Iron Monkey. Their tenet allow them to find peace in upholding the law, no matter where they found themselves. Simon took to their teachings, finding the higher purpose he sought. He learned all they would teach him, once done, he left to find his way in the world, and to uphold the laws that governed this and other worlds.

Meeting and the Journey to Greyhawk

In his travels, Simon met a pair of odd traveling companions in Severel and Renal. (As he tells it, involved drinking and one breaking two of the others of out jail over someone’s protestations, the details are hazy.)

Whilst wandering, short of coin as they were wont to be, the discovered a flier calling for adventurers to come and rid Castle Greyhawk of the festering evils that lay beneath it. Simon of course jumped at the chance, while the other two relished the idea of coin and glory. En route, they ran afoul of a horrible Bombadier Beetle, which Severel dispatched single-handedly. Upon reaching Castle Greyhawk, they were accosted by the gate guard, who demanded a toll from them. Simon was ready to pay with some of his last few coins, but the others misunderstood the guard’s position and attacked. Simon stood and watched as they were subsequently subdued and was arrested with them by the town guard. The Gatekeeper implicated Simon in the attack and punished him for his cowardice, viciously (As Simon puts it.) “kicking me in the jimmy”, and putting Renal to death. Simon and Severel were cut loose at this point, durign which they stabled their animals and found an inn.

Adventures in Castle Greyhawk

During this time, Simon meditated over the loss of his traveling companion (despite his unscrupulousness) and thusly had trouble paying attention to the cares of the outside, missing out on the formal formation of the adventuring company, meeting the companions in Bruce (Cleric of Shonna) and Dances with Butterflies, as well as the initial exploration of Zando’s Magical Emporium. Luckily, he finally reached an end to his contemplations in time to help free Zando from a two-headed giant, and negotiate a contract with him.

The others went to improve their skills, and left Simon to his own devices. He elected to pursue a bounty posted against rogue druids trying to foment unrest against Castle Greyhawk. He brought a pair of the nature mystics to justice, burning down a portion of Greyhawk Woods in the process.

After his further initiation into the Many-fold Path, Simon rejoined his comrades and they continued the exploration of the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk, but not before running afoul of Fudge, the Taxman. He allowed them into the dungeon, but would demand a portion of their findings upon their exit. With that, they descended. In the dungeon, they found it awash with Orcs, Ogres, and various Goblinoids, all rushing about and preparing for a “Party” of some kind. The company battled Trolls and animated broomsticks before arriving in a room where large chairs were being made. Severel opened a bag in a corner of the room (Over the insistence of the bugbear overseers), unleashing a Lurker which immediately attempted to suffocate and consume Bruce. Fortunately, it was unable to begin it’s feast before Severel and Simon snuffed it out.

(More to come!)

Simon Kulthas

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