Bruce, Cleric of Shona

Bruce the unlawful follower of the lawful goddess Shona


STR 17\47 Max Press 255
DEX 10\60 AC -2 with armor alone / -5 with shield.
CON 15/07 HP 55
INT 11/60 He’s smart enough.
WIS 19/67 Immunity to Befriend, Cause Fear, Charm Person. Command. and Hypnotism
CHA 12/47 He’s likable
COM 10/57 He’s not too pretty, and he’s not too ugly, and he’s not Goldilocks

Character Flaws: fear of heights, nagging conscience, obsessively clean.

Born Sirina 10/19/12062 of illegitimate birth, has two siblings.


Bruce is the average looking guy 5”8” a lean 172lbs is all, brown hair, green eyes. The first thing you may assume about Bruce, if you saw him, would be that he is a bit greedy and/or frivolous with his time, as all he seems to do is bet on games, participate in competitions, even if it’s just a drinking game. You may think “Possibly, he is a hired guard for a wealthy merchant, wasting his time at a bar.” If you were to continue watching and examine him closely you would soon realize that he is extremely clean. Now some of high stature, a wealthy merchant or noble might be clean and tidy as Bruce. So maybe Bruce is the merchant that you thought he worked for. Though not many merchants carry around swords and gamble away their monies. Now, if you stared up a conversation, after dodging requests to join in whatever, match, game, bet or challenge he happened to be into at the moment. You would learn he is a cleric and all of this is his pastime.

Bruce likes gambling and tomfoolery, not so much organizing sports or residing over ritual combat, he would rather be in the combat or relieving people of their money. Bruce never quite got the full memo on his goddess, Shona. She is the lawful neutral goddess of games she likes ordering games and ritual combat. Now if you happen to know who Shona is and had met some of her order, you may be tempted to the report Bruce, as “A tomfool cheat trying to make a coin off of others in the name of your goddess”. Now if you told Bruce this he may just laugh thinking you are joking or needling him, but if he thought you were serious, well now that’s another matter.

Bruce, Cleric of Shona

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