Half-Ogre Fighter, wants to become Dark Lord Severell, Full Ogre of Terror, Pimp


STR 21 DEX 11 CON 20 INT 8 WIS 8 CHA 5 COM 3

Honor 62


Severell is happy with his lot in the world. He is beaten, battered, and bruised, but never gives up. He faces each an every challenge with a will to win, even challenges no one else percieves. He has also found that the best solution to most challenges is to destroy them (and usually most of the surroundings). To that end, he wishes to become Dark Lord Severell, master of all challenges. And a full Ogre.

Recently, Severell has adopted the persona of a pimp. With a Ogre sized mink-fur coat, and a mahogany cane topped with a fire opal the size of a human fist, he looks the part, except he’s looking for a Roc feather fedora. That would totally complete the ensemble. His magical scale mail is lined with mink fur as well, for those times when the coat would get soiled, such as when dungeon crawling. Overall, if he had any good looks at all, he would be swarmed by women. Great physique, great body, but damn is he ugly and rude!


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