The Rules

0. The GM is always right. If the GM and the Rules disagree, the GM takes precedence. If you disagree with a ruling, wait until after the game session and bring it up. If it of life & death importance, you may bring it up immediately for a quick decision, but the GM reserves the right to reverse any such decision after consideration.

1. Metagaming is defined here as using knowledge gained Out Of Character within the game. You may know the process for making gunpowder or building a trebuchet, but that doesn’t mean that your character does. You may have been sitting at the table listening as the beholder killed the character acting as advance scout, but your character doesn’t know it’s there (unless they were the scout, in which case that just sucks to be you). Metagaming carries penalties against Honor AND Experience.

2. The GM’s Guide, the Hacklopedia of Beasts, published Adventures, the GM’s Campaign Record, the GM’s Screen, any notes, and anything marked “GM Only” are off limits to players, whether a game is going on or not. Any player caught peeking at any of these documents is subject to harsh penalties against their character. Using any knowledge gained this way is metagaming. If you are planning on becoming a GM yourself, speak with your current GM for special permission.

3. All characters begin at level 1 (except occasionally Cavaliers, who may begin below level 1). If the protege system is being used, proteges start at level 1, but may be higher level when they begin being used.

4. If a character dies, a period of mourning lasting until the end of the current session shall be observed by the player before a new character may enter play. This time may be spent creating a new character.

5. Looking at another player’s Character Sheet or touching their dice without first obtaining permission is prohibited. If a player catches another player doing so, they may choose to penalize the culprit with the immediate loss of d4 Honor. This Honor is simply lost.

The Rules

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